Fanart Fanart Castlevania's Alucard 112323281 High Level of Awesome 112323283 Deedlite and Rin Records of Lodoss War and Inuyasha I am proud of this one. It came out just right. ^.^ 112323288 Moogle Drawn on a Whiteboad 197627773 Alder My Pony OC 197627774 Tokomon Loves me some Digimon 197627775 Sesshomaru Bobble Colored 112323299 Miroku I drew Miroku for a friend of mine. 115008381 Bare Chested Sesshomaru B &W Linart of Sesshy. 115008382 Bare Chested Sesshomaru Colored 115008383 Jessica Rabbit From "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". 163767000 Brook from One Piece I tried my hand at him. 165346120 Raven from Teen Titans I watched a marathon. 176763916 Chocobo! Any Final Fantasy lover knows. 176763921 Chun Li From Street Fighter. 176764277 Extra Colored Bob This is Bob from Bubble Bobble. 181635693 Moogle From Final Fantasy 2,3,4..... 181635695 Gurgi From the Black Cauldron He is one of my favorite characters in they Disney line. 197681582 Ifrit From Final Fantasy 10 198438529 Carbuncle Bros FF 8 and one that looks like it is mixed with a Cabbit. 198543897 Chocobo 198543898 Reading is cool, kupo! Reuploaded after cleanup. 199009095 Terriermon! 198543899 Chocobo with a red balloon My fiancee looked at the original picture and told me he looks like he is trying to hold something, so I gave him a balloon. 199009506 Deeds and Rin Colored Drew this back in '09. Decided to color it. 199151368 Moogle on the beach Om nom nom nom 199176995 Just the moogle It would be coll to add this to some sort of sticker page. 199176996 Happy Odaiba Day! Loves me some Digimon! My favorite show of all time! 199285106 If they were to meet Deedlit from Records of Lodoss War and Rena from Star Ocean: Second story. Favorite anime and favorite game. Woot. There isn't a full background to this, because I wasn't sure where to put them, since this is a crossover pic. 199739603 Daddy You're the World to Me This part of the movie and and the song are so much feels. I almost cry every time it plays. That last line hits me so hard. So, I wanted to do a piece from it. Hope you enjoy it. T.T If you haven't seen "Repo! The Genetic Opera", go! See it. 199805102 Zatharas From Babylon 5. It's been a long time since I attempted to draw something like this. This is my favorite character from this show, and I hope you enjoy it. ^.^ 200401797 Notebook Doodles: Patamon From Digimon 200402649 Notebook Doodles: Demi-Tentomon? From Digimon 200402651 Notebook Doodles: Palmon From Digimon 200402652 Notebook Doodles: Biyomon From Digimon 200402653 Notebook Doodles: Gatomon From Digimon 200402655 Rena and Dias From Star Ocean: Second Story 201888733 Alternate Zephyrmon 203909463 Rena and Dias Alternative Version I liked better. 201888732 Lopmon and Terriermon 203909464 Card Captor Sakura Bear An anthro version of Card Captor Sakura 202059290 Son Goku 203909465 Jupiter Planting I drew this as a gift for a friend of mine. I'm really glad she came out the way she did. 202167068 Sailor Banana Moon 203909466